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The Gift of Giving

by Pat Fales Associates
Well it is that time of year again, the holidays are HERE! And they are by far my favorite time of year, the parties and good friends, the sweet sound of bells and music, the scents of evergreen and cinnamon, the vivid colors of red, green and blue all add to our gift giving and merriment. It is also at this time of year we reflect on the year gone by our successes and our challenges and we start to make plans for the year to come. It truly is a magical time of year, full of lively energy. In the hustle and bustle of the season it is easy to forget that there are many who are not as fortunate as we. I hope that in the joy of the season you take time to remember those in need. Everyone gets busy and stress can build so please remember smiles, patience and good manners cost nothing and yet they are very precious gifts. If you are able, donating time or money to those who have not; truly is the spirit of the season, whether it is locally, nationally or internationally. Happy Holidays.
Laura Kafle

Taveling and Safety at Home

by Pat Fales Associates

Thinking of going away for Thanksgiving or just for a little vacation. Well we plan our trip, make sure we pack all of the right things and quickly rush out the door to start our trip. We never stop to think of what might go wrong at home? Here are a few links to help make sure that not only do you enjoy your time away but come home knowing your home is taken care of.,1783,HGTV_3655_1466921,00.html

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2